Leah Sandow

Actor.  Writer.  Ginger.




Hello! I'm Leah, a feisty redhead from central New Jersey (I'm adamant that it exists). I'm an actor, singer, and very questionable interpretive dancer.


I've been performing since I was a wee lass, when I discovered I sucked at all the sports I was forced to try. I became an acting major in Howell High School's Freehold Performing Arts Center. In 2017, I attended Pace University's BFA Acting for Film, TV, Voice-Overs, and Commercials program, and now live in a cozy Brooklyn shoebox. Having both film and live theater experience, I hope to work in both mediums and also star in my own self-published works. I'm specifically drawn to sarcastic, explosive characters with a hidden soft side.


I love reading, writing screenplays and my future memoir, cooking, eating lots of pasta, singing, and hiking in the mountains. Oh and corgis. Big Fan.


What's New?

New short film coming soon: 
Warp and Weft  



For all inquires, reach me at:

Phone: (732) 547-4302


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