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Produced Work
Unplugged (Short Film)

Leah's first short film, Unplugged, was filmed in 2019 during her Sophomore year at Pace University's BFA Acting for Film, TV, Voice-Overs, and Commercials program. This project was the product of a semester long adventure in a Visual Storytelling class which focused on all of the behind the scenes work that goes into making a movie. Look out for some sweet dolly shots improvised on a skateboard!

Synopsis: In a world absorbed by technology, it's nearly impossible to live without a phone. When a young boy, Alex, loses his cellphone and airpods, he thinks his life is over. But when he is hurtled into a Wonderland-esc alternate universe, where the simplest enjoyments of life become the most beautiful, he must chase after the White Rabbit who taunts him with his phone, and along the way, discovers he can enjoy life's beauty without being plugged into his devices.

Click here to watch!

Adulting (FTVC Showcase Scene)

Written and produced for Pace University's BFA Acting for Film, TV, Voice-Overs, and Commercials program's 2021 Senior Showcase. This scene was directed by the wonderful Maria Hubbard and Matthew Humphreys, and features the incredible actors Sariah Thompson-James and Sky Young. Leah is thrilled to be able to feature her writing in her own showcase, which goes live on April 19th!

Synopsis: Fair warning: Jesus is watching. It's the morning after best friends Alex and Kayla go shot for shot with Alex's super religious parents. The two girls, sporting a massive struggle bus hangover, joke about all things adulting and how much it quite literally sucks.

I don't need that plastic, no thanks (Documentary theater)

I Don't Need That Plastic, No Thanks, was a documentary theater piece that took testimonies from three interviewees about their opinions on waste reduction in New York City and how it affects the environment as a whole. Created alongside the incredible Brianna Kolozsvary, Bri and Leah created this concept, recorded interviews over Zoom, and then wrote the play by compiling the separate interviews together to create a cohesive script. Because this was done during the Covid-19 Pandemic, it was filmed on Zoom, following the initial interview format. Leah also starred in this as one of the lead interviewees.

Synopsis: The focus of this piece was to inform the public about how beneficial waste reduction can be to your lives and to the community around you. We wanted our audience to walk away with new knowledge of how to live more sustainably and environmentally conscious, with inspiration to start implementing waste reduction practices in their own daily lives.

Education & Training
Pace University: bfa acting for film, tv, voice-overs, & commercials

Visual Storytelling: Taught by filmmaker Shaun Seneviratne. This class focused on all the behind the scenes production elements of creating a film. I wrote my first screenplay in this class, and the film has been fully produced, bare bones guerrilla film style.

Self Scripting: Taught by Actor/Director Anthony Arkin and Tony nominated actress Amelia Campbell. This class allowed me to write a completed short film screenplay that I would star in, an experimental short version of a full feature-length screenplay.

Advanced Screenwriting: Taught by screenwriter Jonathan Danziger. This class gave me the opportunity to learn screenwriting techniques and write a full feature-length screenplay.

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